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Shower Head Leaking – Reasons and Solutions

What can be a more enjoyable way to relax and unwind the tired muscles from post workout or after a long day of work than to experience the service of modern shower heads? These shower heads not only offer you the perfect combination between functionality and anesthetics, but also rejuvenate you with the on-your-toes morning experience. Discussing about the types, there are many available in the market delivering water in a variety of ways. A good, running shower head can actually improve your showering experience and make it more enjoyable. Moreover, they are designed keeping in mind the personal hygiene.

Keeping your shower head up and running is very important and that can be done with just little care and maintenance. A shower Head that works well is actually Eco-friendly and save a lot of water when you bathe. You just need to consider the water pressure of your home before you choose a shower Head for your bathroom. But once you choose one, you should maintain it regularly.

Reasons behind shower head leakage and Solutions

Many cases have been seen where shower head leaks have occurred. This can happen and can have several reasons behind it. Here, we’ve explained some reasons behind shower head leakage followed by the solution to each one of them:

  • Clogged Holes: When the shower head has served for a long time, the mineral deposits start clogging the water holes. This then restricts the water to flow from the hole. When several holes or a handful of holes get blocked, strain on the pipes increases. Thus, the water starts leaking out from the base of the pipe or handle or from the base plate. So, when you find leakage, check if the holes are blocked. If yes, the solution is given below.

Solution: Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and wrap it to the shower head. Let it stay overnight and scrub it off using a brush to remove remaining overdue. This will open the holes and let water flow. The strain on base plate and pipe will be reduced, thus solving the problem of leakage. Clean the holes at regular intervals to avoid leakage.

  • Worn seal: The shower head contains within itself o-rings and washers. These washers and rings are attached so that watertight is created and leakage between connections can be avoided. These seals are made of metal or rubber. However, with regular use, the rubber seals tighten and metal seals break. This breakage of seals initiates shower head leakage.

Solution: Before you start solving the problem, make sure that the reason behind leakage are worn seal. Open the shower head and check the seal. If the seal is broken, bring the broken piece to a local hardware store. Ask for a replacement that’s of the same shape and size (they’re available in many sizes). Then attach the new seal to the shower head and turn water on. Check if there’s still any leakage. If yes, try getting a tighter seal and enjoy a leak free shower head.

  • Handles may be the reason: If your shower has compression faucets, your shower head is more likely to attract a leakage. Compression faucets exist in showers where there are two separate handles for hot and cold water controlling the water temperature. Like the shower head seals, the seals attached to these faucets also tend to break. This again increases the strain on the pipe or base of the handle. This, then leads to shower head leakage. If so is the case with you, get the solution below.

Solution: You need to first know the handle that’s causing the leakage in the shower head. You can do this by feeling the temperature of water. Now open the particular handle and remove the nut. Now look for the broken seal and take the piece to the hardware store to get a perfect replacement. Place the new seal to the handle and your shower head is all set to give a leak free experience.

These were some of the most common reasons behind the shower head leakage. You can solve the problem yourself by going through the solutions mentioned above or you can choose to call an expert. Maintain the shower head and enhance your showering experience!